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You can't compare Nolan to Kubrick because Kubrick* sucked at making movies that are enjoyable to watch. Even "The Shining" blows at the end of the day.

Anyway, I think you're over thinking Inception. It's heist movie that has an amazing plot vehicle... just like Slum Dog was a cute love story with an amazing plot vehicle imo. Inception is well acted, pretty well edited, well told, well written, the story makes you think but makes sense the entire time, and is cool to look at. The dreams themselves are not the point of the film, the point/thesis is more about love and the subconscious.

I'm sure it will get a Best Picture nod, and if it wins, it becomes the best film since either Million Dollar Baby or American Beauty.

*Note: Have not seen Clockwork, but pretty much everything else.

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